Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional ownership is a method in which a property (or any other asset) is co-owned by several unrelated parties.
All buyers are the co-owners of the property, in proportion to their respective fractions (or FRAX) held by them.
The property will be registered by a custodian entity setup or appointed for the purpose by RealX. The custodian is only the registered owner but will not be the real (or beneficial) owner of the same.
The names of the first co-owners and their respective details are included in the registered document. The same information is also credited into the blockchain based registry system (PropChain). The accounts of respective co-owner's then reflect respective amounts of FRAX held by them. Subsequent co-owners who buy these FRAX through the original (or any of the subsequent owners) will have their ownerships recorded on PropChain once their sale is registered. They buyer and seller both will receive copies of the sale documents.
No. Index II will be issued only in the name of the Custodian entity - not to the co-owners. However, we have had some preliminary discussions with some state governments on how we can enable our co-owners to also get Index II for their respective proportional co-ownership.
No. RealX enables a seamless digital framework. There is no need for you to travel in our framework.
RealX allows only select properties to be presented on the platform. The registered users of the platform will be free to choose the property they want to invest in, by themselves.
Yes. RealX is an open platform for everyone to participate. However, we require all our users to be fully registered and allow them to transact only after their KYC is completed.
Yes. RealX mandates a lock-in period of 2 years from the date of purchase for all first co-owners of a property.
RealX appoints independent external law firms to conduct due diligence on the properties it shortlists.
Yes. The DD Report will be available on the platform.
RealX has accredited Property Management firms that handle the oversight and management of the Property.
No. Not at the moment. But soon enough it will be possible. If you are a foreign investor desirous of investing in any of our deals, please reach out to us and we will get back to you with details.

All rents will be collected in designated accounts of RealX. From there, the rents shall be proportionately transferred to the co-owners in their bank accounts (after standard deductions).
Yes. As per the law of the land, we are required to deduct TDS (as applicable) on the rental amount before we pass on the same to you. You will be issued the Tax certificate at the end of the financial year for your income tax returns.
Yes. The Custodian can provide you a co-ownership certificate on request against payment of requisite fees for the same.
Yes. You can request a copy of the sale deed and we will be happy to share the same after payment of the requisite nominal fees.
You will be able to see your holdings in the My Holdings Section after you login.
All co-ownership information is maintained on a Blockchain based digital registry system called PropChain.

Yes. All co-owners are free to sell their FRAX (fractional holdings) in any property on the RealX platform.
Yes. As a co-owner of a property, you will benefit from the increase in property values proportionate to your co-ownership in the property.
Yes. RealX mandates a lock-in period of 2 years from the date of purchase for all first co-owners of a property.

The buyer bears the cost of the Stamp Duty in all our transactions.
Yes. Standard TDS will be deducted as applicable.
Yes. As per prevailing rules, GST becomes applicable when annual rent receivable by a person is in excess of INR 20 Lakhs. GST, as applicable, will also be deducted from net payable amount.
Yes. You can make the same declarations about your co-ownerships as you would for your normal property ownerships. You can also claim refunds (if applicable) against the TDS paid from rental income.

Yes. We will acknowledge you as soon as your funds are cleared into our account and we are able to match it against your commitment details on the platform.
Currently, we only take Bank Transfers.
No. Cancellation at this stage will not be possible.
Usually refunds should be processed within 15 days from the transaction closure.
Yes. Once the transaction is fully subscribed, we need you to pay the entire remaining amount at once during the investment period.
No. There is no interest paid on the commitment amount.