To be a digital medium for everyone to participate and benefit from co-ownership of high potential properties with smaller affordable amounts.

RealX is a digital platform that enables everyone to buy, sell and gain from fractional ownership in properties. All property deals, after due diligence, are presented online for our users to express interest. Once a property reaches its sale price, the property goes offline and the sale is executed at the registrar (with names of first co-owners as part of the sale deed). Post registration, the same set of co-ownership records (as registered) are created on a BlockChain based registry system (called PropChain) for all successful property transactions.

Post investment, professional Property Managers manage the day-to-day operations of the property. All rents are collected and processed through by RealX, and all co-owners can simply enjoy proportionate share of rental income (after suitable deductions).

All co-owners are free to negotiate any sale of their fractional holdings on the platform (after the initial lock-in period). they can also choose to vote on any buy-out proposal that may be presented to them through the Property Manager.

Being a digital transaction platform, all transactions (investments, exits as well as rental income distribution) are processed digitally.

Our principle purpose to create RealX is to enable a simple and direct way for everyone to participate in real estate. We believe our property transactions must be

  • Easy to discover (and compare)
  • Easy to Buy
  • Easy to Gain from (rentals)
  • And Easy to Sell

Our goal is to create a marketplace that empowers its users with an option of directly participating in Real Estate as a financial asset. It's your asset and you and only you should have the rights to decide when to buy and when to sell.

We wanted to bring in best in class process, governance and technology for you. While, we cannot protect you from inherent risks associated with owning property, but we can surely to create a trusted environment for you to participate.

Our goal is to ensure that there is a maker-checker in everything we do. As a principle, we ensure that no entity has significant control over everything.

Here's how we have implemented this

  • Enable only vetted, clean propositions for you - with external Due Diligence done by experiencedlaw firms
  • Let a Bank handle your money (through an escrow account as per RBI guidelines) - and not US touching it
  • Let an independent entity hold your Property Title - again not US
  • Maintain the registry for your property holdings on an immutable and cryptographically secure system (PropChain) - bringing in benefit of the best technology the world has for a registry system
  • Let a competent Property Management firm manage the day-to-day administration for you - so that you can simply enjoy the benefits without any hassles

Welcome to the World of Digital Real Estate!

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Co-founder and CEO

Serial Entrepreneur with 17+ yrs work ex Co-founder of private market of unlisted securities (only one cleared by SEBI)


Neera Inamdar

Co-founder and COO

18+ yrs in Sales, Biz Dev & Communications.


Devang Sheth

Co-founder and CBO

30+ yrs in Real Estate, Land Aggregation & Private Equity.


Sangeet Hemant Kumar

Director, Business Development and Partnerships

30 years of entrepreneurial experience in Real Estate, Media and Marketing, with specialization in CRE.

Abhishek Gupta

Amita Pawar

Head – Technology Development

17+ yrs in Application and Systems Development and leading technology implementations.

Abhishek Gupta

Vishwa Vivek Garg

Chief Product Officer

Delivering tech products for more than 2 decades.

Abhishek Gupta

Amrut Barde

Product and Market Development

20+ yrs of hustling. Go getter and a problem solver.

Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Vermma


MBA Grad with 5+ yrs of Business Banking and Risk financing experience.

Abhishek Gupta

Pramod Pudale

Software Developer

4+ yrs experience in Front end technologies.


Ashith Kampani


Chairman, CosmicMandala15, Ex MD, JM Financial

Ghulam Mohammed

Ghulam Mohammed


Ex MD Mahindra Exports, Chairman GG Advisory, Board Member across listed & unlisted companies.


Sanjay Chandel


Ex. CEO IndiaBulls Mutual Fund & Indian Commodity Exchange, Ex SEBI.


Ajay Chaturvedi


Founder – Accommodation Times, Strategic Realty Advisor

Property Manager

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Marketing & Outreach

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Investor Advisor

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Investor Advisor

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Property Manager

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Technology Partner

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